Yerba Mate Caffeine

As the teas are growing in popularity across the world, in the United States, there are a lot of varieties and brands of tea to contend with, and they have their own individual properties. Today, the new kind of tea is famous, which is called Yerba Mate Caffeine, and the reason for its fame is its Clean Buzz. This caffeine is high and is not accompanied by crashing or shaking and associated with the traditional teas and coffees. It is a kind of herbal drink which is prepared by steeping the twigs and leaves in hot water.


Just like green tea in many ways, the taste and flavour of this brewed caffeine are like grassy and vegetal. It is also commonly available in the flavour of infused mint and citrus rinds. In Argentina and Brazil, it has a toasted flavour which is very popular and known as “mate tea”. This flavour is served as sweetened with fruit juice or milk either cold or hot. If we talk about the toasted yerba mate, it has a less bitter taste but is a lot spicier.

Chemical Properties and Health Benefits:

As an average, yerba mate contains a smaller amount of caffeine as compared to coffee or tea, having almost 1.7% because of its dry weight. According to the studies, yerba mate relaxes and smooths the muscle tissues, while stimulating muscles of the heart. If we compare the caffeine with the coffee and tea, they both affect the nervous system, which is more pronounced than the muscle tissues.

If we talk about the health benefits of caffeine, research revealed that it has anti-obesity and cholesterol-lowering properties. Moreover, it has been founded the caffeine has the highest antioxidant potential as compared to all species of ilex.

Even though yerba mate has proven by many studies that it has one of the best anti-carcinogenic properties abilities to fight cancer, there are some other studies which have shown that it has the consumption with an increased incidence of various types of cancer. But nothing has been proven either way.

In Paraguana, there, people have a toxic habit of mixing the yerba mate caffeine with the crushed leaves, flowers, and stems of the plant named Agosto Poty in the month of August. That tree contains alkaloids which can lead to severe liver disease or liver failure.

What Is Yerba Mate Caffeine?