When Is The Right Time To Get A Fusio Dose Kerastase Treatment?

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When Is The Right Time To Get A Fusio Dose Kerastase Treatment?

Kerastase treatments

Fusio Dose Kerastase treatments are world-renowned for their effective results, and they have become popular in salons all over the globe. They are a two-step formula that allows you to target two hair needs at one time and are only available as in-salon treatments.

You may have heard about these treatments and may be interested in enjoying the benefits yourself, but when is the best time to invest in a Kerastase treatment? In this article, we’ll discuss the best time to get a Kerastase treatment so that all the stars align on the day you decide to make this very worthwhile investment.

After You Colour

If you are planning to colour your hair in the near future or require touch-ups soon, it is best to get a treatment after the colouring takes place. This can happen in the very same appointment if you like. But what you don’t want is to do is get your Kerastase treatment and then a week or two later realise that you want to colour your hair. This is not a huge issue, but you minimise the effects of your Kerastase treatment.

When You Have An Important Event Coming Up

Do you want to look your best at an upcoming event? A Fusio Dose treatment will ensure that you look like you’ve walked out of the pages of a magazine! And the results are instant!

With Your Trim Or Blow Dry

A Kerastase treatment can be added to any other hair service, including colour, cuts and styles. It only makes sense that you get your treatment while you are getting another hair service done, as it saves you an extra trip to the salon.

When You Want To Fast Track Your Hair Goals

Kerastase treatments

The Fusio Dose treatment provides instant results! When you walk out of the salon, you will immediately feel how different your hair feels. Whatever your hair goals may be, investing in this treatment truly helps you fast-track your results and help you reach your goals sooner.

Are you keen to enjoy all the benefits that Kerastase treatments have to offer? Here at Radiance Hair, we have a wide range of Kerastase treatment options, and our experts can determine which option is best for your hair goals. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment at (02) 9958 4099.