What Are Microcylinder Hair Extensions & Are They the Best Choice?

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What Are Microcylinder Hair Extensions & Are They the Best Choice?

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Hair extensions of all kinds have become incredibly popular in the last decade. They provide even those with short, thin, and fine hair to enjoy thick, luscious locks. Over recent years, hair extension technology has really improved, and one of the most innovative (yet simple) technologies being used is microcylinders.

As experts in hair extensions in Western Sydney, Esteem Hair and Beauty Spa tells you more about microcylinder hair extensions and the benefits that they offer.

What Are Microcylinder Hair Extensions?

Microcylinder hair extensions are put in using a small metal cylinder which is clamped to the hair with a small tool. The cylinder is coated in silicone to prevent any damage to your hair.

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Some Benefits Of Microcylinder Hair Extensions

  • The microcylinders come in a wide variety of colours and can be matched to your hair colour, making them virtually invisible. This creates a natural look.
  • They come in a wide variety of options. No matter what the hair texture or colour, you can find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to microcylinder hair extensions.
  • They are easily maintained. Once your extensions have grown out to a certain point, they can easily be taken back up to the root with a quick trip to the salon.
  • When you look at the before and after pictures of those with microcylinder extensions, you’ll be amazed at the incredible results that these types of extensions have to offer.

What Are The Other Options?

If you feel that microcylinder hair extensions are not the right choice for you, there are many other types of hair extensions on the market, including glue-in extensions, tape-in hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, and clip-ins. While tape-ins are probably the most popular of the different types, everyone has their own preferences. We recommend doing your own research into what will be best suited for you.

If you are wanting to get hair extensions in Western Sydney, there is no better hair salon to get hair extensions from than Esteem Hair & Beauty Spa. We have won multiple awards over the years, and our professional and trusted team is here to make all of your hair dreams come true. Our hair extensions are designed right here in our salon. Feel free to visit our salon in Penrith to learn more about what we are able to offer you.