What Are The Hardest Hair Colours To Achieve?

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What Are The Hardest Hair Colours To Achieve?

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When you are choosing a new hair colour to go for this festive season, you should definitely consider the difficulty involved in achieving certain colours. More ‘difficult’ colours may require spending more time in the salon chair, and you may even have to go for multiple sessions. These colours also almost always have higher maintenance needs, so keep this in mind when choosing your next colour.

As hair colouring experts on the North Shore, here are some of the hardest hair colours to achieve.

The ‘Cruella’ Split Dye

More and more people are interested in the ‘cruella’ look in which one half of the hair is black, and the other half is a very light blonde (white is almost impossible to achieve). However, this split-dye look can be done with an array of other colour combinations. This is a particularly difficult hair colouring technique to achieve, as precision is paramount. The upkeep can also be quite tedious.

Grey And Silver

Grey and silver hair is no longer reserved for pensioners. This hair colour has become a trending favourite amongst trendy youth. Grey and silver can look absolutely gorgeous, but it is a particularly difficult look to achieve, and not all hairdressers may be able to do it. Silver is a very weak colour and needs to be applied to extremely light hair in order to show.

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Just like silver, pastels also need to be applied to very light hair if they are going to show up at all. Hair often needs to be bleached multiple times if the client wants pastel hair. Pastels are also a very specific shade; if they are too dark, they will no longer be considered pastel; if they are too light, they won’t show up at all.

At the end of the day, it is important to take your hairdresser’s advice. While you may be disappointed that your dream colour is not as easy to achieve as you once thought, it is very important to consider maintenance costs and the time it will take to get this look.

Interested in professional hair colouring on the North Shore? Here at Esteem Hair & Beauty, we have some truly talented hair colour experts on our team. If you have any questions or are interested in booking a consultation or appointment with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team here at Esteem Hair & Beauty.