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Private Yoga Promotion!

February 10, 2014

Thai DancerStay Warm with yoga this winter!

Having just returned from a beautiful month of learning and practicing yoga, meditation and self-reflection every day in Thailand, I am overjoyed to be back in Toronto and share the sunshine and inspiration the East so graciously shared with me.

To celebrate how amazing each of you are, I am offering 5 private yoga classes for $350! This offer extends until March 31st, primping and priming your body, mind and spirit for springtime.


- Promotion available to individuals or groups

- Classes are 1 hour long

- Classes taught at my home studio (yonge and eglinton) or I can come to your place of work/home/community centre.

If you are ready and willing to take on your body and mind, contact me at to schedule an initial consultation and session.

October 21, 2013
A weekend of women in a luxury Muskoka cottage talking body, mind and money

A weekend of women in a luxury Muskoka cottage talking body, mind and money

Register online at :

Time to get naked … and bare it all – body, mind and money!

October 15, 2013


Vision Flow: Yoga, Meditation and Vision Coaching

October 1, 2013


Inspired and energized by yoga asanas, this 2 hour class will uncover the patterns that are preventing you from reaching your true potential. Each class incorporates a collaboration of bodily movement, powerful visioning exercises, and energy healing designed to stimulate and heal your body, mind and soul.Join us Sunday October 20th from 4-6pm as we lead you through 1 hour of restorative yoga and 30 minutes of healing meditation that blends Simple Wisdom’s recipe of inspiration, direction and action, and Ashley Holly’s therapeutic techniques in yoga and meditation.

This is so much more than just a yoga class. Vision Flow will leave you with a new sense of purpose, an excitement for action and an open heart to the future that we unfold together!

Dates: Sunday Nov 3rd 4-6pm

Location: Misfit Studio, Queen Street West.

Cost: $35 in advance | $40 at the door

Email to register!

Visit to learn more about intuitive coaching and healing.

Visit to learn more about group and private yoga classes.

Yoga Yoga Yoga: Find Your Bliss with Yoga Toronto

January 29, 2013

PRIVATE YOGA – Just $80.00 per session!

NEW TO YOGA? Join Ashley Holly, RYT, for your first class FREE, when you sign up for a five class pass.

- Private Yoga

- Corporate Yoga

- Group Yoga

- Kids Yoga

- Prenatal Yoga

- Bachelorette Yoga

- Workplace Yoga

- Yin, Restorative, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Hot and much much more!

Sign up today for FIVE private yoga classes and get ONE PRIVATE SESSION FREE! E-mail to sign up!

Park Yoga!

Fighting off the Demons of Winter

January 22, 2013
Yoga. Peace. Quiet. Morning

Yoga. Peace. Quiet. Morning


This time of year, clients are falling out of routine faster than a bat out of hell. The winter winds and the temptation to snuggle up in bed with some tea and a movie trumps the summertime energy that takes us out of our homes and into our bodies. Whether this means attending your favourite fitness class, doing yoga, visiting with friends or simply soaking in the great outdoors, if we let our hermit hangovers drag into the next few months we will rapidly lose sight of the bodies, minds and spirit that we feel so easily connected to with the sun lighting up our lives.  When 90% of chronic diseases are caused by unhealthy living, that includes poor food choices and lack of movement and stress, this is a friendly reminder that we cannot simply ignore.

In yogic tradition, habits or ongoing patterns of thought are referred to as samskaras. Through our yoga practice, we prove over and over again that it is possible to ditch old habits and introduce new ones. And there is no time like the present to recommit to your new samskaras. As a yoga teacher, I too am guilty of slipping out of my true “self” and surrendering to a notably lazier, subdued and unenthused version of me during the winter months. Call it SAD or a simple distaste for the chill, today’s snowfall reminded me that enough is enough; it is time to stand up, shake up and heat up.

The question is how? Here is a collection of my go-to methods for reconnecting to and liberating my beautiful self when my groggy mind tells me it is not worth it. And it is all done before noon :)

  1. Wake up early. The tendency (or samskara) to laze around in the warmth of your bed until the absolute final moments of the morning, or incessantly press snooze (are you guilty of setting 4 alarms each morning?) will only throw you off your game for the potentially amazing day to come.  Give yourself a one-week challenge to set that alarm one-two hours earlier, listen to it and settle into the day.
  2. Begin the day with positive intention setting. My go-to motivational speaker Brian Tracy suggests waking up to the words “I feel terrific today” or “today is an amazing day”. If it sounds too cheesy for you, I say, try it before judging it. The power of positive thinking and intention setting is pretty mind blowing when you believe in it.
  3. Detoxify. Allow that extra hour to be your cleaning hour. Not for your home, but for your soul. Start by hoping into the shower and when you are all warmed up take in a full 8 oz glass of room temperature water with some lemon or salt to help release any lingering toxins.
  4. Movement. Depending on how long your morning shower and get ready routine is, you may have a few moments to spare for some movement, taking the detoxification further and truly awakening the body, preparing it for the day.  This could be anything from 20 minutes of sun salutations or basic stretching activities from the comfort of your bed. For those days where movement isn’t an option, take a time out for a deep meditation, focusing your gaze on the third eye, your ajni chakra and relaxing your body and mind.
  5. Eat. They have been telling us this for as long as I can remember and we still don’t listen. Breakfast baby. Embrace it. Maybe we need to set that alarm an extra 2 hours now… try a hearty breakfast a few days a week and balance it out with a fruit plate or a nice veggie juice. Eat slowly, with awareness. Maybe go so far as to bless your food before indulging.  Avoid mixing fruits with other foods, creating an ideal environment for your digestive system to get to work.

In just one to two hours a day you are guaranteed transformation in your life. It takes a mere ten days to form a habit, so set yourself off on a mid-January challenge (just in case your new years resolutions have slipped away). Set up your ideal morning routine and get ready to re experience what may sit now as a dried up, shivering and chapped body as a vibrant, healthy and energized soul. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” says that voice in my head. Plan to successfully execute your morning and reclaim your life.

Happy winter.

For more insights, meet me at the studio or join us for a weekend to change it all, with Bare All from Feb 22-24th, 2013. Only 3 spots left!

Tuesdays 10am Community Class (PWYC) at Misfit Studio

Wednesdays 6:45pm Hot Yoga at Yogatree Midtown

Thursdays 5:15pm Hot L1 and 7:30pm Core at Yogatree Downtown

Sundays 10am Hot L1 and 11:30am Hot L1-2 at Yogatree Downtown

Sundays 3pm Hustle n Flow at Misfit studio.



December 12, 2012
Yoga. Life Coaching. Financial Planning and some little surprises in one fun filled, life changing weekend!

Yoga. Life Coaching. Financial Planning and some little surprises in one fun filled, life changing weekend!


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